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Austenland was an English movie released in September 2013 and the story revolves around a woman named Jane. This lady is shown to be obsessed with works of the author Jane Austen. The lady makes decision for spending her savings of life on her visit to Austenland, which is the place in the movie on which the movie is named. This resort has all the women guests and they are assured a romantic experience with male employee of the company by the end of the trip. This movie was much different than the actual novel.

Jane goes there and realizes different things. The resort owner scorned her for the reason of purchasing the cheapest package. She liked groundskeeper named Martin who was outside her fantasy. The movie was good and interesting. Jane (Kerri Russell) performed her role very well and gave a great performance and pairing with McKenzie and Field.
However, some people really showed their offensiveness for the silliness in love thing shown by women. There is perfection required in portraying romance and it was a bit uncomfortable on the screen. The movie was a kind of gross with a mortifying setup at many points. There were many dramatic changes made in the novel story, but those are not appreciated in a very great way. Women are shown leering over men, love to watch them strip and sexually oriented towards them. There are many good characters in the movie, but it lacked a great screenplay at a few points. It is never determined that women can’t show off their pleasurable ways, but this movie had something revealed in an indifferent way. The sexual fantasies are shown only from the end of females, which appears too much till the end. There is no MUTUAL kind of thing, but all goes from the end of women only. There was a rumor that they would be using a teacup pig as a pet in the movie and having a teacup pig might have made the movie a little more interesting. 

Austenland is a romantic comedy movie about a fanatic of Jane Austen. The lady strikes all her savings in a resort, which will get her inside a different era of life. She has been unlucky in love ventures and settles for all the fantasies during this vacation.

The star cast of this movie is superb and every actor has performed in the best way to show their light hearted spirits. The vacation resort for the actress and her feelings at that time are revealed in a great way by her acting. This movie is casted well and promotes a light-hearted spirit. The complexities of nature of beautiful females in the need of romance are mentioned well in this movie. This romantic comedy could bring much more, if there was a proper script crafted for the movie. The trifle becomes tiresome till end and the viewers feel like getting something good out of the movie.

There is a lot expected from Jennifer Coolidge and she doesn’t behave funny in the movie (as expected from her). Some characters appeared dull and don’t give a real feel to the viewers, which was odd in some aspects. The movie turned out to be offensive for some of the Austin lovers. There is a lot of difference between fantasy and reality, but the former should be well presented to make the viewers attain a great feel. There were funny moments included in the movie, but it could have been much better. The talent of James Callis was also less used and he was not much recognizable and gave an odd performance. 
The people who had read Austenland book were not really happy with the movie, but others were turning out well and terming it as a good one-time watch. If you are keeping book separate from your thoughts over the movie, it would be much better. 

Major Differences between Austenland Movie and Book
When there are movies crafted from the concept of books, there are many challenges for the story writer and director to make something exclusive, which appeals the readers of the books as well as watch the movie based on it. It is really difficult to fulfill the expectations of mutual book readers and movie watchers. The movie has the duration of 1 hour and 37 minutes and there were a few mis-steps observed by people in the movie:
•The book states that the main character Jane has never heard of Austenland. She went there on the occasion of death of some relative who left money for her to use in her own way. Jane anticipated some flirty attitude, but it doesn’t show her urge to get romantic experience with men. The focus on this movie depicts that the female was looking for romantic pleasure desperately and not the flirty kind of thing. It was much different than the original concept of the book.

•The book revealed that Jane became friends with Miss Charming Lady Amelia by the end of the book. The fights were resolved till the end of the book, but the movie plays on with the females getting stereotypes and it was mainly aimed at bringing dramatic feel to the movie. The movie became a bit annoying because of this ‘cat fighting’ between ladies, which was quite indifferent from the book thing.
•The book stated that Jane plans to go to Austenland with reluctance in her mind and a thought that her aunt paid for the trip and she wanted to get over from her obsessions. However, the movie states that Jane spent her own savings to go to Austenland to live a life she dreamt of throughout in the movie. This was a different concept than stated in the book.